Pay Per Click Services & Google AdWords™ Management

When it comes to running SEM campaigns, management of Pay-Per-Click advertisments, especially Google Adwords™, can be complex and time-consuming for your firm. Keen strategy and proper implementation are key to delivering optimal results.

Mouse Back leaves no stone unturned: We ensure that all methods are tried and tested to deliver consistent results and push the boundaries and work harder after each success.

Mouse Back operates under the exception of the Pareto’s 80-20 principle as it believes that each click and each effort to gain traction is very important and every conversion is valuable to achieve the end result.

  • For example even if it is just one keyword that would deliver just a single click in an entire year, we would add it. If it requires the creation of a specific ad or other additional work, so be it
  • In online marketing, we believe that the sum is much greater than its parts and hence this approach.
  • We also do not use technology-enabled processes that make sweeping changes based on the 80-20 rule.
  • To do the above and more, we always allocate at least a single dedicated resource for each client supported by the CEO, account servicing, and tech colleagues. We believe that at Mouse Back the amount of time spent as well as the number of tasks handled for each client on a daily basis would be greater than that of any other agency managing similar sized budgets or clients
  • We build campaigns in the client’s name and from Day 1, the client owns the account
  • We show the client how to check the ‘Change History’ on Google and access our daily tasks list to ensure complete transparency and teamwork
What is Search Engine Marketing
Search engine marketing (SEM) is a branch of digital marketing, wherein the process of paid advertising is deployed to increase website's visibility in search engine results' pages (SERPs)
Our Expertise
We have the expertise to set up and manage successful Paid Search campaigns for you on Google, Yahoo, Bing and LinkedIn, and we make sure that your investments yield solid results.
Our Search Marketing Processes Involve
Strategic Keyword research and selection
Bid management
Ad copy development
Budget recommendations
Landing page optimization
Reporting (weekly and monthly)
Ad Monitoring and course correction
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