Audit and Strategic Consultancy of your Digital marketing efforts

If your online marketing channels have been stagnant over the past few years and your leads or revenue growth are falling short of targets, Mouseback can audit your online advertising to identify gaps and opportunities to improve the RoAS.

Since Paid Search typically takes the lion’s share of online ad spends, here are a few examples of areas where we could help you identify and answer crucial questions to reboot your PPC advertising

  • How often do converting keywords not convert in subsequent months and how often do keywords convert newly each month? How should bids be ‘calibrated’ and allocate budgets for non-converting keywords which is not a fixed cohort of keywords anyway? Why is trying to meet the Lin-Rodnitzky ratio yardstick an improper optimization method?
  • Are some non-converting keywords more equal than the others? How to identify them and allocate appropriate budgets to them?
  • Looking beyond conversions as a yardstick for spends, which surrogate indicators should you use to bid on keywords? Why is Time-spent-per session a better ‘soft’ metric than say, Page-Depth?

We could help you with all this and more……

Scope of Consultancy & Audit of your Internet Marketing efforts:

  • Attribution analysis and measurement of digital advertising efficacy
  • Comprehensive audit of your online marketing strategy and tactics
  • Paid Search Strategy
  • SEO blueprint
  • Staffing – mapping the competencies and skill sets required of your online marketing team
  • Compensation analysis and salary recommendations for each member of your online marketing team
  • Mapping the reporting and analysis requirements to design suitable report templates and processes
  • Commercial evaluation of link-building efforts and tactical analysis of the link-building agency’s work
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