Strategic Consultancy and Audit

If you are finding it a struggle to drive traffic to your site, or to satisfy, and convert your online audience, Mouseback can assist you with comprehensive internet marketing audit.

For instance, the paid search campaigns can be a huge hit with soaring rates of clicks per impressions (The appearance of an ad on the results page is an impression) meaning the users search for the services and click on your website to reach what they needed. But this need not effectively mean that these clicks result in the final conversions or the goals that the website targets.

There could be several other factors that affect the final result and a complete study and analysis are definitely needed to ensure a meaningful overall experience for the user that translates into successful conversions for the website.

Mouseback has done strategic analysis, consultations, and audits for several corporates with a huge rate of success that has increased the return on investments and resulted in tremendous growth in each of these companies.

Mouseback, a digital marketing agency, helps executives develop optimal online marketing strategies & tactics with the strongest potential to deliver maximum value.


Service in Strategic Consultancy &Audits:
Attribution analysis and measurement of online marketing efficacy
Developing your online marketing and advertising strategy
Complete audit of your online marketing and advertising strategy and tactics
Paid Search Strategy- for both short-term and long-term
SEO Strategy – for both short-term and long-term
Staffing Strategy which would include prescribing the competencies and skill sets required for your online marketing team
Putting together compensation analysis and coming out with salary recommendations for each member of your online marketing team
Determining the reporting and analysis requirements and designing suitable report templates
Commercial evaluation of link-building efforts and tactical analysis of the link-building agency’s work
Reporting and analysis [website analytics combined with commercial analysiss and regular reporting tasks]
Affiliate Marketing management
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