Digital Marketing Firm

Mouse Back Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a data-driven marketing agency, offers online promotion services: SEM, SEO, and PPC; assists businesses in boosting online sales and ROI, apart from performing audits for advertising campaigns such as Google AdWords, and training digital sales teams.

The keystone principle at Mouse Back is to offer consistent digital marketing services to all of our customers, regardless of the scale of the account or billings involved. When it comes to performance, we explore all options for that single extra click that could result in a conversion. We hide nothing from our clients, who are at perfect liberty to deep dive into our deliverables, anytime.

SEM Agency that delivers

A digital marketing agency, based in Chennai, India, we specialise in generating leads or sales to your website by driving traffic from search engines: Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Furthermore, we focus on other major facets of Internet Marketing such as SEO and Strategic Audits for PPC campaigns.

Our team of professionals, driven by the core values and guidance of our founder, whose experience in web marketing spans 17 years, delivers exceptional results in the sphere of RoAS or Cost-per-Lead and PPC.

If you feel that your company’s digital promotional campaign is stagnating or declining, and, you are looking for an organisation to set-up or grow your online sales or succeed in lead generation, please contact us.

Using our strategic data-driven marketing approach, we can:

  • a) Audit your online marketing, consult and train your team.
  • b) Consequently, manage your PPC program end-to-end

Our digital agency's expertise is in:

  • Auditing enterprise-level Paid Search programsĀ for large companies
  • Advanced Bid and Budget Management for AdWords Advertising
  • Google AdWords Consulting
  • Advisory for and Training digital marketing teams in Pay-per-Click techniques, especially number-crunching strategies